Eagle Crag (1706ft, 520m) & Sergeant’s Crag (1873ft, 571m), 13th July 2017

This circular walk begins in the picturesque village of Stonethwaite, and after an early start I was the first car to park up, in fact I didn’t see a soul until I had climbed both fells and returned to the busier Langstrath valley in the early afternoon. To the average eyes Eagle Crag looks unassailable, it rises steeply from the valley floor below and there are sheer cliffs around the higher reaches. But with care, and sure footing, there is a safe way up, and it is a worthwhile ascent – for Eagle Crag is ideally placed and the views in most directions are spectacular.

Eagle Crag and Sergeant’s Crag from beside Stonethwaite Beck

Height is gained quickly as the ascent is particularly steep, this is looking back to Borrowdale after climbing up through the narrow gully.

Quite suddenly the views open up to the west and south, the path being only feet from the edge. This is Langstrath Beck in the valley below.

At this point on the climb the path zig-zags its way up in a series of terraces, but the faint track is hard to follow, it then disappears completely at a ‘dead-end’, so I retrace my steps to make sure I’ve not missed it somewhere. So, at the base of some rather large cliffs I am forced to use my hands to reach the final part of the climb.

The summit is marked by a tiny pile of stones place on a tilted slab of rock. This is looking north towards Skiddaw in the distance.

Looking south over Sergeant’s Crag to High Raise (left), and Crinkle Crags and Bowfell (right)

Glaramara and Great Gable

My next target – Sergeant’s Crag, with Crinkle Crags and Bowfell behind


Walking southwards it is only a short distance to Sergeant’s Crag, this is looking back to Eagle Crag on the right with Skiddaw in the far distance. Just left of centre in shadow is Great Crag, whilst behind that in the sunshine is King’s How and Grange Fell.

In no time at all I’m on the summit of Sergeant’s Crag

Looking over Rosthwaite Cam to High Stile, Fleetwith Pike and Honister Crag

Just a beautiful view. Looking over Langstrath to Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, Esk Pike, Allen Crags, Scafell Pike and Great End.

It is a shame there is no sound with this picture – all I could hear was the sound of the waterfall and the constant calls of Meadow Pipits. No human noise at all, just the peaceful sounds of nature. Perfect.

Heading back northwards alongside Langstrath Beck with Eagle Crag and Sergeant’s Crag towering above me to the right.

The waterfall at Blackmoss Pot


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